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Mariachi Serenata Mexicana


Entertainment Spotlight on Ariel de la Rosa

Ariel de la Rosa, Entertainment
By Johnny Meza, For Desert Entertainer

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Trumpet player, recording artist and restaurateur Ariel de la Rosa started learning mariachi music from his father at the age of four. He is a fourth generation mariachi musician whose musical lineage goes back to his great-great-grandfather, Ines Renteria, who formed one of the first bands in the mountains of Jalisco, Mexico, and his grandfather, Lorenzo De la Rosa, who brought his Mariachi sound to the border area of Baja California.

He toured and recorded with his uncle Jose Hernandez’ band, Mariachi Sol de Mexico, and has performed with such Latin icons as Celia Cruz, Jose Jose, El Puma, El Buki, Vicky Carr and Ana Gabriel. He performed at the Latin Grammys in 2004 and provided back up vocals for the Mamas and the Papas on John Phillip’s last album.

De la Rosa has performed in Las Vegas at Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino and in 2008, he toured in the mariachi band for Linda Rondstadt’s “Canciones de mi Padre” tour. He performed at the Alma Awards and was featured in the International Mariachi Festival ’08 in Guadalajara, Mexico.

He was born in Tijuana. The first instrument his father taught him to play was the vihuela, a small Mexican guitar. From the ages of four to eight, he also learned how to play the violin, guitarron and trumpet. He soon began composing his own music.

“I went to a private middle school and, since it was a small school, we didn’t have music there,” said De la Rosa. “But I would get together with my friends who went to school there and we would play ball. I taught one of my friends to play a couple songs on the guitar and I would play trumpet. Pretty soon we had our own band and would play in restaurants, concerts and private parties.”

His father, also named Ariel De la Rosa, and his uncles, called the Hernandez Brothers, introduced their music to the United States during the ‘70s. He also worked extensively in the Chula Vista area near San Diego.

Moving to the desert in 2000, De la Rosa opened a family-run restaurant with his mother and a partner in 2006 called Serenata Mexican Bar and Grill in Palm Desert. He created his band, Mariachi Serenata Mexicana, to perform during the weekends at the restaurant. The group is also available for private functions. When they perform, the band is dressed in the traditional Charro or Mexican cowboy outfit usually adorned with silver buttons and decorative stitch work, which is worn by mariachi musicians.

...See FULL ARTICLE on Desert Entertainer Click here!

Entertainment Spotlight on Ariel de la Rosa


There are many theories about the origin of the term mariachi but there is little doubt that the music is uniquely Mexican. The instruments violin, trumpet and vihuela come from Europe but the guitarron was a local adaptation. The deep passionate folkloric expression unites the indigenous, mestizo and Spanish cultures in a glorious musical celebration. The more recent “CHARRO” outfits (Mexican cowboy) add to its glamour and allure.
Mariachi combines rhythms or sons from all off the regions of Mexico, giving it an exciting variety of styles and sounds capturing the beauty and passion of both old and modern Mexico.

Mariachi “Serenata Mexicana” was founded by Ariel de la Rosa in 2006. Ariel de la Rosa is a fourth generation of Mariachi musician drawing on over a century of inspiration. His great great grandfather (Ines Renteria) started the tradition in the mountains of Jalisco and his grandfather brought his considerable talent to the border areas of Baja California, and his father and uncles brought it to the USA in the 70’s. Ariel started the mariachi musical tradition learning the vihuela, violin, guitarron from age 4 until he master the trumpet and made it his own. His started his own band in primary school and was teaching friends and classmates by age 12. From high school on he play in Restaurants, concerts and private presentations. His formative years were spent with his uncle (Jose Hernandez) an Mariachi “Sol de Mexico” which is the gold standard of Mariachi in the USA. With them he launched his international career playing with such Latin Icons as “CELIA CRUZ, JOSE JOSE, EL PUMA, VICKY CARR, and ANA GABRIEL”. He also provided back up vocals for the “MAMAS AND THE PAPAS” John Phillips last album and played in the Latin Grammys in 2004.
Since opening his own family Restaurant Serenata Mexican Bar and Grill in Palm Desert in 2006 he continue his trajectory playing behind Linda Ronstadt in her “CANCIONES DE MI PADRE” tour 2008, the same year played the “ALMA AWARDS” and was among the head liners in the International Mariachi Festival ’08 in Guadalajara, Mexico.

Ariel brought his considerable talent and passion for music to Palm Desert and has played numerous local concerts and private presentations much of the delight of his fans and patrons. He assembled his current band from several accomplished friends, musicians he meet along his musical journey. This production album is the culmination of his recent musical experience. He plays trumpet and sings on most of the tracks and lent his own particular contemporary twist to the musical arrangements. We hope the variety and talent shown here will lead Ariel and his friends to furthersuccess and will inspire the listener to explore the Mariachi Experience.


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